Sport Premium funding

Pupil Premium Sports Funding 2016-2017 Allocation is £8,510

Primary Schools Partnership £660 This partnership will provide quality Professional Development and support the monitoring process for P.E.   It will also provide access to all of the competitions organised in the cluster
Transport to Sporting Events  £1,105(approx) This will provide the opportunity for every pupil in school to attend a competition.
 Supply Cover to attend events £1,100 Providing a teacher to accompany children to the competitions is essential.  The numbers involved for many of the competitions vary between eight to twenty four pupils.  By providing this support it ensures that these activities can take place.
Early Years Development Training £700 The school is to benefit from a block of development training in the Early Years. This will involve upskilling staff members and will have a cost implication for the school.  Physical Development has been identified as an area of development in 2016-2017.  It is felt that this will be a cost effective way of improving the motor skills in the Early Years.
To monitor provision for Physical Education  £600 To monitor the provision of P.E. across school to enhance pupils learning opportunities and support the schools application for P.E. Quality Mark.
 Year 6 visit to Kingsway Outdoor Pursuits Centre £1,460 To subsidise  our P.E. curriculum to enable Year 6 pupils to take part in a range of activities including; Rock Climbing, Gorge Walking, Jumping through Waterfalls, Raft Building and Tree Walking.  This will provide challenging and exciting activities for pupils in a safe environment, promote self-confidence and enjoyment.
 Provide Additional After School Clubs  £336 Subsidise to encourage pupil participation in a healthy style.
Forest School Activities in our School Garden £1,400 To encourage pupils to take part in adventurous outdoor activities in a safe environment. Every has the opportunity to take part in a range of activities for example Den Making, Creature Hunts, Stone Age Day; these activities promote the outdoors, high levels of enjoyment and active learning.
 Gardening Activities  £1,200 To encourage a healthy lifestyle growing garden produce. Children benefit from learning basic life skills.
Total Cost £8,561  

 This plan will be monitored by the P.E. Coordinator and Head teacher on a termly basis.