School Improvement Plan

A Brief Overview of the School Improvement Plan 2016-17

The school’s priorities for the coming academic year are as follows:

Outcomes for children and learners

  • To ensure More Able Pupils make at least good progress
  • To incorporate problem solving into every Maths lesson
  • To consolidate the schools award systems for learning number bonds and facts
  • To review the way we teach spelling to accelerate attainment and progress
  • To introduce further opportunities for pupils to edit and improve their work to accelerate attainment and progress
  • Review the schools resources for Reading Comprehension to accelerate attainment and progress
  • To promote further opportunities for child initiated learning in Early Years
  • To accelerate pupils development of physical skills

Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment

  • To ensure high quality teaching enables pupils to make rapid progress
  • To enhance our curriculum by becoming a Royal Shakespeare Associate member
  • To share observations of pupils in Early Years with their parents electronically
  • To consolidate our use of Classroom Monitor to track pupils’ attainment and progress 

Personal Development Behaviour and Welfare

  • To renew our school’s charters and further develop pupil voice using our Head Boy and Head Girl, School and Class Councils
  • To further strengthen attendance systems to further reduce persitent absence
  • To develop and embed the link between our charters and behaviour points
  • To introduce e-cadets to further inform pupils of the benefits and risks of technology
  • To provide a number of opportunities for parents to engage with our new assessment procedures to enable them to support their child/children to ensure they achieve their potential
  • To provide additional opportunities for sport and after school clubs
  • To employ our Parent Support Worker one day to extend provision for parents

Leadership and Management

  • To introduce new roles for middle leaders e.g. developing our school as a Royal Shakespeare Associate Member
  • To achieve the PE Kite Mark
  • To provide Family Learning opportunities in school e.g. for example the Right Click Workshop: Internet Safety Matters
  • To review the roles of governors as new members join our Governing Body and further develop Governor knowledge with the regard to assessment and the new Raise on Line and Inspector Dashboard